RGF PHI空气净化系统的功效和优势
The Advantage Of PHI Technology 

RGF PHI Cell 空气净化系统的三大功效:
The Three Benefits of the RGF PHI Cell HVAC Air Purification System  

1.沉降可吸入颗粒物PM10、PM2.5,如沉降微尘,烟尘,皮屑等可吸入悬浮颗粒物。(范围:0.01 至100 微米)
Reduce the particulates PM2.5\PM10,consisting of dust danger (Skin flake), pollen and smoke particle. Size range: 0.01 to 100microns 。
2.有效杀灭有害微生物, 如军团菌,细菌,霉菌,病毒等(范围:0.01 至10 微米)。
Eliminates the harmful microorganism effectively; they are bacteria, germs, viruses, fungi, spores and mold.  Size  range:   0.01  to 10 microns。
Reduce harmful gases/odors, such as benzene, formaldehyde, VOC etc, Size range: 0.0001 to 0.001 microns 。 

RGF PHI 中央空调空气净化系统的优点
The Advantages of RGF PHI Cell  HVAC Air Purification System   

1.效能完善:RGF PHI不只减少微生物、病毒及细菌,而且还能消除有害气体、挥发性有机化合物、烟味及细致0.01毫米的空气悬浮粒子,这些都是现代楼宇常见的室内空气污染物。
Comprehensive:   RGF PHI Cell reduces not only germs, viruses. And bacteria but also harmful gases, VOCs, odors, tobacco smoke, suspended airborne particulates as small as 0.01 mm, which are common indoor air pollutants in modern buildings.   
2.主动出击:许多空气净化器只对流经装置的空气进行过滤,导致大量室内空气仍然未经处理,未能有效提供防护。RGF PHI不只对流经装置的空气进行处理,而且把净化因子主动释放至整个房间,达致全面保障。这些净化因子不只是等待,而是会主动扑捉并去除细菌、病毒和有害气体。
Assertive: Many air purifiers only purify the air that passes through the device. This results in a large percentage of the room left untreated and unprotected. RGF PHI Cell not only treats the air that passes through the device, but it also sends the friendly oxidizers into the entire room for complete coverage. They are not just waiting: they assertively attack the bacteria, gases and odors.  
Low cost: traditional air purifiers often require frequent media change and regular maintenance, which results in high operational cost. RGF offers a 2-year warranty and require no cleaning and maintenance.  
4.节省能源:RGF PHI Cell的耗电量不多于20瓦特,而且不增加风阻,为楼宇提供更理想的节能净化设备。
Energy Saving: PHI Cell consumes no more than 20W and operates with low-pressure drop. This provides great energy saving to building operator.  
User-friendly: RGF PHI system is small, compact, lightweight, easy to install and requires no modification to existing HVAC systems. It also does not require regular cleaning or maintenance.  
6.噪音: 无