RGF Thermo Oxidizer Flash Evaporator/艾洁弗废水燃烧系统

  RGF’s Thermo Oxidizer completely oxidizes waterborne waste streams, leaving only a dry powder as the residual waste material. Unlike conventional wastewater evaporators, the Thermo Oxidizer completely eliminates the water content of the liquid waste. The unit design eliminates the problems, typically associated with traditional wastewater evaporators of corrosion, foaming, residual slurry, V.O.C. emmissions and difficult to clean evaporator chambers  


■ 降低燃料成本Lower cost of fuel
■ 减少空气污染物排放Reduced air emissions
■ 无残留物No residual slurry
■ 无腐蚀No corrosion

石油烃废物 反渗透、纳滤、超滤集中器  地板洗涤废物
压铸 翻滚解决方案      电镀
碱性清洁剂       运输废物  纺织
机械冷却剂 工艺废水  重型设备
压缩机废弃物 废旧印刷电路板 食品加工
油墨和涂料废物 游轮清洗  制造加工
电解抛光冲洗水 柴油机喷油器清洗 油田工具清洗

Fuel:  NG or LP 
Dimensions: 9’8”L x 8’D x 10’H               
Electrical Requirements: 220VAC, 20 Amp, 1 or 3 phase  
Weight (Approx): 20,000 lbs.  
Disposal Rate: Up to 150 gallons per hour  
Construction: 3/16” Steel Plate, Ceramic Lined, Stainless Steel Door  
Air Supply Requirements: 15 CFM @ 100 psi.  
Typical Temperature Settings: 800-1,400F  
Burner Safeguard Control: UL,CSA Listed, FM and IRI Approved  
Flame Monitor: Flame Rod  
Exterior Finish: High Temperature Two Part Polyurethane 
Stack Height from floor: 19’-10’’