油脂分离系统/ Grease Treatment System

基底面只有24”x 24”的紧凑型装置适用于最小的提升站。该装置可泵送高级氧化气体,photohydroionizationTM技术可提供持续室内臭气和细菌控制。提升站油脂可通过物理、化学和生物方法分解,并最终以液体和气体的形式自由消除。 
A compact unit designed to easily fit into the smallest of lift stations with a 24”x 24”footprint. This unit pumps advanced oxidation gases and automatically feeds bacteria into the existing lift station water. A separate photohydroionizationTM cell provides ongoing odor and airborne bacteria control in the room. Lift station grease is physically, chemically and biologically broken down and freely washes away as liquid and gas. Lift station room odors and airborne bacteria are controlled.