RGF-ECO AIR /艾洁弗独立式制药及食品加工厂专用杀菌净化系统 
(Eco-4000 and Eco-8000)

       艾洁弗 独立式制药及食品加工厂专用杀菌净化系统,动态杀菌,人机共存 ( 不用停工),能够杀灭和去除90%以上的空气中各种微生物和异味。核心的RGF PHI Cell不只对流经装置的空气进行处理,而且把净化因子主动释放至整个空间,达致全面保障。产生的净化因子不只是等待,而是会主动扑捉并净化细菌、霉菌和有害气体。细菌、霉菌和酵母菌等微生物污染物一直是制药及食品加工厂极少提及的问题之一。由于无法用肉眼看到,因此常常被忽略。但这些微生物能够附着在工作人员的衣物和身体、通过空调系统等、附着在包装材料、操作平台和车间内的运载工具上。理想用于加工车间,包装车间,制冷车间,员工更衣室等。
       The ECO Air System can remove levels of airborne microbes and odors up to 90% or more. The PHI Cell inside not only treats the air that passes through the device, but also sends the friendly oxidizers into the entire room for complete coverage in the occupied area. They are not just waiting, they assertively attack the bacteria, gases and odors. Airborne contaminants in the form of bacteria, mold, and yeast continue to be one of the least addressed issues in most processing plants. Since these organisms cannot be seen, they are often ignored. The organisms can enter the plant on employee’s clothing and bodies, through intake and makeup air systems, on packaging materials, wooden pallets and vehicles that operate around the plant. Ideal for the Processing room, Packing rooms, refrigerated coolers and employee changing rooms.  

●美国FDA 和USDA认可的食品及药品加工厂的工业流程 
FDA and USDA  approved process for food and pharmaceutical plants  
Food grade stainless steel construction for years of trouble free service  
Help extend food shelf life and reduce the spoilage 
 Reusable dust and grease filter  
●尺寸规格/Dimensions: 12” x 12” x 60”
●重量/Weight: 65 lbs.
●核心部件/ PHIC-36/5A and PHI-36UVA