RGF Green Sustainable Environmental Solution 

     艾洁弗为高端高尔夫球场提供综合环境绿色解决方案。在俱乐部,酒吧,雪茄室安装世界顶级的艾洁弗空气净化系统,在餐厅安装世界顶级的RGF食品安全系统并且我们有高尔夫球场设备维护系统,世界顶级的RGF 高尔夫专用高级生物反应处理系统一个无任何化学和生物制剂添加的水处理系统。   
     RGF can offer total green solution for the Golf. The air purification in the Club House - Commercial Air purification for smoke in the Bar (Country Club) and food sanitation in the Restaurant - and we have a Chemical Free Water treatment system for the Golf Course Equipment Maintenance facility, the new Advanced Universal Fluidized Bed Reactor.    
     艾洁弗高尔夫专用高级生物反应处理系统(Universal Advanced Bio-Reactor)是一种全封闭式再循环系统,设备精巧,全部使用耐腐蚀材料,用于处理、过滤和输送最洁净和最安全的再生洗涤水给球场水湾。该系统维护成本低,无需化学或微生物添加剂,同时带有卸料功能的手动或机器的推草车。 
     The Universal Advanced Bio-Reactor is a closed-loop recycle system designed to treat, filter and deliver the cleanest and safest wash water for re-use at your wash bay. The system contains minimal moving parts and replaceable components, low consumables usage and no chemical or microbe addition. The Universal Advanced Bio-Reactor has a small footprint and is totally enclosed for outdoor use and is constructed of all non-corrosive materials. Includes a hand or machine towable grass cart with dump feature.   

尺寸 Dimensions  Unit 58” W x 118” L x 98” H Grass Cart 33”W x 53” L x 29” H  
重量 Weight (Dry)  1,600 Lbs 
加工水量 Processed Water Storage 400 gallons 
输送率 Delivery Rate 20gpm @50psi UAB20 40gpm UAB40