RGF PHI空气净化系统
RGF PHI CELL AC/Heat Duct Air Purification System 
       最新的RGF PHI Cell 空气净化系统特别为变风速系统而设计更新。当空调制冷或制热时,传统的风机按最大的设计能力进行运转。相反,变风速系统却一直在减速变化。最新改进的 RGF PHI Cell 空气净化系统根据风速而调整达到完美的净化效果。RGF PHI Cell 空气净化系统的理想安装场所为写字楼、公寓、别墅、展览馆、机场、剧院、车站、超市公共场所等。
       RGF PHI Cell air treatment system is designed to meet the unique challenges that are created by today’s new variable speed fan system. Traditional fans operate at full design capacity when ventilation or heating or cooling is required. Conversely, the variable speed fan operates at a significantly reduced constant speed. This lower speed operation creates the potential to over saturate the space when the PHI Cell is sized based on the higher speed operation. The newly designed PHI Cell is sized to deliver complete space coverage with new variable speed fans. It produces a smaller AOP that when combined with the constant operation of the lower fan speed equals a perfect AOP situation and delivers a clean environment 24 hours a day. The PHI CELL AC/Heat Duct Air Purification System is ideal for office, apartments, exhibition center, airport, theater, train station, and supermarket. 

型号ITEM 送风量(M3/H) 功率(W) 尺寸(MM) 重量(KG)
PHI Cell CH1     340-720     8 20(Ø)×125 (H) 0.3
PHI Cell CH2  400-8000 8 50(Ø)×148 (H)  0.5
PHI Cell CH4   1800-8000  12 50(Ø)×248 (H) 0.5